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April 2019

I continue on the journey to liberate my working and painting style. I’m also very interested in the theme of liberation with regard to my psyche, and am discovering new (to me) and fascinating information about psychology, mythology and dream interpretation. And my thinking also veers often to the environment (dire warnings and scary changes), and spirituality—where are we going…and where do we go (after we die)? I think there is much to Carl Jung’s teachings about the importance of the unconscious. I’m taking my dreams seriously these days. And I’m very interested in neuroscience discoveries, and philosophical ideas and medical theories about consciousness existing as an entity separate from the body.

I’ve been working more quickly and loosely with initial layers of paint, using water based latex and acrylic paints which flow readily. I find shapes I like in the chance strokes, and sometimes include bits of paper, stamps or foil from chocolate bars—little messages or symbols. Then I use oil paint to pull the piece together, and add depth to the colors.

Redwood City, CA

Artist Statement

I was born and raised in New York City, but we spent almost every school holiday and summer on Cape Cod. I moved to California in 1987, and live now in Redwood City in the San Francisco Bay Area. All along, in all these places, I have gravitated toward being outdoors. In New York my favorite place was Central Park. On Cape Cod we ran around in the woods and fields. I love to be on the beach, and even better, in the water. I feel lucky to live in California where I can hike around the hills and take a short drive to the ocean. When I paint it feels like a journey as I study the shapes and colors and lay down washes building up the scene from photographs, memory and imagination. I’m happy to look at the same view outside, day after day--there is always something new. The close observation, struggle, and occasional transcendent moment are inquiry, at once scientific, psychological and philosophical. Perhaps over time, as I try to clear away what is extraneous, the layers of all these different places will distill into a clearer understanding of the bigger picture.