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October 2019

Myths help explain our lives. They were the first science. I find myself very curious about some big questions — what happens after we die? Is consciousness separate from the body? Is consciousness in fact an elemental part of the Universe? Will we survive climate change? As an artist, I let my imagination and intuition lead the way, and I am inspired by science and spirituality. In this recent series of mixed media paintings (latex, acrylic and oil paint, with pencil and collage) I have incorporated dream fragments, and mythic and psychological symbols of chaos, transformation, and the journey into the unknown.

Redwood City, CA

Artist Statement

I always loved to paint. I remember working on a painting of the Beatles when I was in kindergarten. The tempera paint was dripping down and I was frustrated, trying to make Ringo look as if he was seated behind his drums.

At Amherst College the final project for Robert Sweeney’s figure drawing class was a full length, life sized, nude self-portrait. The group unveiling was a powerful experience.

Perhaps my deepest influence has been the landscape of Cape Cod where we spent summers, and winter and spring school breaks. My grandmother had an amazing collection of murals and paintings by the Harwich artist Charles D. Cahoon which show his peaceful vision of early 20th century life by the water.

Now I live and paint in Redwood City, California. We can look across to Edgewood Park Open Space Preserve, and nearby, up the hill, I can see across San Francisco Bay to the East Bay hills.