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Upheaval and Transformation

What is going on? The last two and a half years of political discord, pandemic, war, and climate change have felt apocalyptic. I feel a constant, thrumming anxiety. Could it be that we are really going down in a blaze of fire and wind storm, to be swept away in floods from the melting ice caps?

I keep painting. It's a way to stay focused, and figure things out. Struggle is a big part of finding the scenes of these imaginal worlds. Each one is a puzzle with questions and difficulties, and I don't know what the final picture looks like. I have to figure it out as I go. A section may seem done, but then I may find a different route and repaint. As with our tumultuous times, my work has been going through transition. For one, I've been experimenting with acrylic paint. I like that I can collage in news items here and there, as a record of our times.

I keep turning to green and blue. They speak to me of promise and hope for a fresh world, maybe a remade one. I paint on many thin layers, shifting a little each time as I search, and I think this gives a sense of energy and motion, vibration in the atmosphere. Hopefully this period of dissolution points to renewal, and we will find ourselves still part of the cycle, in a transformed world.

Elizabeth Noerdlinger
Redwood City, April 2022

Artist Statement

I've always liked to paint and draw. As a child I drew from my imagination — flowers, birds, people. As a teen I liked to do portraits of my family and friends. Landscape painting has interested me for many years. I like to be outside, I find solace in nature. There is magic to a place we love as a child, and for me that place is Cape Cod. I carry in my soul the images of fields and woods, a view of water, a sandy path leading to the shore. Painting clouds, water, trees is calming, and sometimes mysterious. Often, a scene appears on its own, out of the brushstrokes, and I follow the story that develops. I'm interested in the spiritual, hidden realms. I feel there's much more out there, myriad forces that we can't see or comprehend. Yet, there are glimpses, a sense of things from time to time, in dreams and synchronicities.

My work is shown at the Branner Spangenberg Gallery, on Facebook and on Instagram.